How To Get Your Child Communicating In Just 1 Hour

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If your child hasn’t improved their communication skills after 1 hour with their PicSeePal, we’ll offer you a full refund!!!

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"A PicSeePal is exactly the kind of low tech device which could help many people with their right to communicate - one of the most overlooked rights in today's world."

"PicSeePal's vision and its user friendly nature as a low tech communication tool, demonstrates the ability to cross barriers of culture, language and disability. This shows the potential to collaboratively create a positive and lasting social impact within communities"

"As a speech-language pathologist who has provided AAC training and support to numerous organizations abroad, there is an overwhelming need for a universal low-tech AAC option. PicSeePal provides an immediate solution to a variety of populations in need of communication support. This product and company's mission shows promise for our global AAC community."


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